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Website Performance

Test how your website's performance is affecting your business

Google's core web vitals are metrics on how well your website is performing for your users.

Failing to meet the standards might cause your website to rank lower on search engine results.

Website Performance Test

  • Largest Contentful Paint

    Measures how fast your website loads.

  • First Input Delay

    Measures how fast your website becomes interactive to the user.

  • Cumulative Layout Shift

    Measures visually stable your website is.

We were looking for someone to continue with the maintenance and development of our website.

Austin maintained a high level of detail and he set up a Facebook Conversion API for our performance marketing after the recent changes to IOS.

Austin was a pleasure to work with—highly recommend.

Paddy Hall

Co-Founder, StartSteps Digital Education

Full-service search engine optimization

My experience working with businesses from different sectors has taught me no single SEO strategy fits every company.

That's why I tailor my plans for each business separately.

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    Based on that I will craft a detailed and personalized plan for your business.

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    Next.js Web Development Services

    Thousands of businesses are building their websites with Next.js as it can handle even the most demanding project requirements.

    • Full-Stack Web Development

      Next.js works perfectly when combined with either a custom built backend or a CMS like Contentful or GraphCMS.

    • Next.js SEO

      The high performance and limitless customization of Next.js makes it the perfect tool for websites where SEO is a priority.

    • WordPress Migration

      Migrating your old WordPress site to Next.js front-end while still keeping all your data in WordPress can bring massive performance increases.

    • Internationalized Websites

      Today's consumers prefer localized websites.

      I can localize your website to as many locales as needed.