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Building a more secure, faster website for StartSteps Digital Education

StartSteps Digital Education is a startup focusing on teaching tech skills for everyone.

Their main goals for their new website was improving its performance so users from anywhere in the world can have an exceptional experience using it.

In the following 3 months we massively improved their core web vitals which resulted in doubling the amount of traffic they are getting.

  • +612%


  • +207%


Austin Shelby Next.js Developer

User experience comes first

This is my motto when I design and build websites.

All the goals businesses want to achieve with their website stem from the same idea - bringing users the high level web experience they have become to expect.

Working with me you can expect the following:

  • Getting your ideas refined by an industry expert
  • Transparent way of working with keeping you on track at all times
  • Highest quality work done on schedule
  • Stress free communication

I'm looking forward to working with you.

Jamstack Web Development Services

Why the top 0.1% of companies are building their websites with the Jamstack architecture.

  • Better website performance

    Start attracting more and happier users and watch your business grow.

  • Secure websites

    Static rendering significantly reduces the attack surface.

  • Scalable

    Serve your website from anywhere in the world in milliseconds.

Migrating to Next.js got StartSteps 600% increase in website performance

One of the largest online coding bootcamps in Germany, StartSteps, improved their page loading speed 600% by migrating to Next.js while keeping all of their data in WordPress.

Working with me allowed them to ship new features faster which led to getting tons of new customers.

Austin maintained a high level of detail as we hired him to continue with the maintenance and development of our website.

Highly recommended.

Paddy Hall
Co-Founder, StartSteps Digital Education
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