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I help businesses to build their Next.js websites that are easy to use and get done with professional quality on schedule.

If you are looking for a professional Next.js developer who understands the requirements of your business, you have found the right person.

Next.js Web Development Services

Thousands of businesses are building their websites with Next.js as it can handle even the most demanding project requirements.

  • Next.js SEO

    The high performance and limitless customization of Next.js makes it the perfect tool for websites where SEO is a priority.

  • Internationalized Websites

    Today's consumers prefer localized websites.

    I can localize your website to as many locales as needed.

  • Full-Stack Web Development

    Next.js works perfectly when combined with either a custom built backend or a CMS like Contentful or GraphCMS.

Migrating to Next.js got StartSteps 600% increase in website performance

One of the largest online coding bootcamps in Germany, StartSteps, improved their page loading speed 600% by migrating to Next.js while keeping all of their data in WordPress.

Working with me allowed them to ship new features faster which led to getting tons of new customers.

Austin maintained a high level of detail as we hired him to continue with the maintenance and development of our website.

Highly recommended.

Paddy Hall
Co-Founder, StartSteps Digital Education
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Austin Shelby Next.js Developer

I'm a Next.js Developer With an Eye For Design

As a full-stack software engineer with years of experience working with companies big and small I have become to understand what companies need from their developers.

By working with me you can expect the following:

  • Getting your ideas refined by an industry expert
  • Transparent way of working with keeping you on track at all times
  • Highest quality work done on schedule
  • Stress free communication

I'm looking forward to working with you.

Questions you might have about working with me

  • Why hire Austin to develop our Next.js website?

    I'm glad you asked!

    From my experience of working with companies in different verticals I have learned that no single workflow fits everyone.

    I tailor my process for each of my clients' needs.

    The most important thing is that we both stay on track on what needs to be done.

    From planning out the most essential features for an MVP or designing the wireframes for new pages, I will use my expertise to make sure that the process flows smoothly.

  • How much do Next.js websites cost?

    Next.js website prices depend on the requirements that needs to be done, which vary greatly depending on the project.

    On average, you can expect the following prices:

    • Marketing sites starting from $3,500
    • Custom web applications starting from $6,000

    Quality work that gets done on schedule has a high price, but it's worth every penny.

    Contact me for a free price estimate for your project.

  • Can you help us with SEO?

    I'm not just an expert at building websites — I also get them to rank high on search engines.

    For websites where SEO is a top priority I will:

    • Research the related keywords and phrases that people are actively searching for in your niche.
    • Write content and copy that ranks high on Google and helps your users.
    • Optimize your website's code so it's easy to crawl by search engines (Next.js is perfect for this!).
    • Improve your site's performance so all users have an exceptional experience using it.

  • I'm not sure if Next.js is the right solution for us

    Book a free meeting with me where you can pitch me your product idea and I will give my expert analysis on what's the perfect tech stack to build it on.

    I'll do this for free as I'm confident we will end up working together after the meeting.

    Contact me below by filling the form or emailing straight away.

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